Sometimes just the right shoe with the proper fit can solve many problems. Our approach is first to fit you into the right shoe, then address your needs for support, and determine if you need an orthotic.


When was the last time you walked barefoot over a field of thick fluffy green moss, or walked on the beach on an outgoing tide and found that perfect distance between the dry sand and the sea, where every step felt like a match made in heaven?

It's a rare opportunity at best. The average day is usually hard, flat, cursed ground as far as you can walk; cement sidewalks, asphalt parking lots, tile and hardwood floors make each step the same hard, flat story. With many normal arches occuring in the foot, it's easy to see that people were not created for only hard, flat walking surfaces. Should we convince the city to grow moss on the sidewalks and turn paved parking lots into deep sandboxes? Maybe, but wouldn't it be easier to have a perfectly formed footprint (like you get on the beach) falling just under your foot everywhere you step? Therefore, wherever you go, everday hard surfaces become a moss garden! I'd say that sounds pretty good, and that's our goal in making foot orthotics.

Chick's Shoes has always been a place of refuge for people with sore feet. Since Chick opened the door in 1949, he has always been hard at work building on the techniques he learned from his father and developing his own. Chris had the advantage of learning from both his father (Chick) and grandfather (Chick Sr.) in the art of building and modifying orthotics. C.J. has also learned from both his father (Chris) and grandfather (Chick). He is also a Certified Pedorthist.

We use a little different method to get a lot better results! We combine proper materials for cushion and support for each foot's needs. The material is heat molded at high temperature to a form of the individual's actual foot to create the proper shape. It is during this process that we have a great advantage in using our special method. After the materials are shaped and fitted to the shoe, they can be adjusted at any time for your comfort.

Some shoes are not designed or not built out of materials that allow them to be repaired successfully. Repairs will need
to be inspected by our staff before expectations and exact prices can be given. Come by at your conveniece during our business hours.
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